Much like the developments in computing over the past 10-20 years, improvements in LED efficiency over the past 5-10 years have exceeded efficiency improvements in the entirety of the prior period since the invention of LEDs. With lighting accounting for almost 5% of global CO² emissions, we believe such developments need to continue at pace! One company that is at the leading edge of driving this innovation forward is our trusted lighting partner, Oshino. We are very excited to share the news that Oshino now have a range of LED modules that offers a 33% higher efficacy compared to current industry standards. What’s more, they’ve named the LED range...‘NOVA’!

Oshino NOVA LEDs

Become illuminated

To recognise the necessary improvements and energy innovations needed, the UK has released (take a deep breath!) - The Ecodesign For Energy-Related Products and Energy Information (Lighting Products) Regulations 2021. These regulations strongly encourage lighting designers and manufacturers in all industries to push the boundaries of LED energy efficiency. In our particular industry of signage fabrication these ‘boundaries’ are found in terms of: a) lumens per watt, b) lumens per module and c) the performance of LED module lenses. Given the current rise in the cost of living and the increase in energy prices, a greater lumens per watt value means a significant real-time energy usage saving of 25%+. This energy saving can also be seen in terms of power supply requirements. Using the highly-efficient NOVA LED range will in many cases mean that smaller / cheaper drivers can be used when compared to less-efficient LED modules. The Oshino NOVA range of LED modules also uses industry-leading super wide angle lens meaning that a return depth : module ratio of up to 1 : 3 can be applied in many cases. This offers savings against the competition on both material and labour costs.

Nova Aluminium Headquarters

Benefits at a glance

  • Super Wide beam angle
  • One, Two and Three Lumileds SMD LEDs
  • High brightness and efficiency 170lm/W
  • Low power consumption Fast installation and low maintenance
  • Dust and weather resistant (IP67)
  • Safe, low power operation (12VDC)
  • 5 years warranty and 50,000 hours to 70% light output


Nova 1, 2 & 3 module dimensions


Nova-1-2-3 LEDs

  • Max chain & pack quantity: 45pcs Module crs: 150mm Chain length: 5100mm
  • Max chain & pack quantity: 25pcs Module crs: 250mm Chain length: 6500mm
  • Max chain & pack quantity: 20pcs Module crs: 300mm Chain length: 6300mm

Premium performance

Thanks to Oshino’s dedication to innovation in lighting, the new Nova range is their most efficient module range at 170lm/W giving large savings on energy compared to standard LED modules. Reducing the carbon footprint for all our customers. Modern, reliable and rapid automated manufacturing processes combined with state-of-the-art technology offering excellent quality, performance and economy to the signage industry. Do get in contact with us anytime to discuss how we can help you save energy and money with retro fitting or brand new signage projects.

Oshino LEDs for Signs