NovaFlex Skin Preparation

Vinyl Face Preparation

Cut vinyl 230mm more than overall size of box.Fold approximately 76mm to form a loop 38mm

Note: Vinyl should be stitched or welded to form a loop on all four sides of the face

To Fit The SkinThread rods into the pockets on the long lengths first and then slide puller bar over ensuring teeth are facing towards rear of the skin (N.B corner rod and pullers should be set approx. 50mm from end). Roll up skin, loosen top and bottom pullers and set equally. Hook on top and then unroll and hook on bottom. Thread rod and puller in end pockets and hook on. Then follow tensioning procedure as below Tensioning Face ProcedureTake up slack at both ends of the face and tension the face diagonally (i.e – A-A / B-B as shown below)DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE ENDS AS IT MAY CAUSE DISTORTIONIdeally tensioning is a two-person procedure

NovaFlex Skin Material

Material Recommended for NovaFlex:

VuFlex Backlit Premium FR

Roll Width 1600mm / 3200mm / 5000mm
Roll Length 30m
Base Fabric PES DIN ISO 2076
Yarn 110d/tex
Weave 1/1L
Type of Coating PVC
Weight 500 g/m2
Tensile Strength 2700/2700 (WARP/WEFT)
Tear Strength 280/280 (WARP/WEFT)
Adhesion 18 N/cm
Cold Resistance -30°c
Heat Resistance +70°c
Light Fastness to DIN 54004
Crack Resistance to DIN 53359 A
Flame Retardency to DIN 4102 B1 M2
Finish Both sides acrylic lacquered

This product has been produced for digital inkjet printing, but customers must satisfy themselves that the product will perform to their requirements by testing prior to production run taking place.Specification details are offered in good faith but will not be accepted in matters of warranty

Skin SpecificationCut size = + 265mmBleed size = +100mmVisual Size = (full bleed so same as box size)