SignComp Frame Skin Preparation

Vinyl Face Preparation

Cut vinyl 76mm more than the overall size of the boxFit black clips approx. 150mm centres around the perimeter as shown

SignComp Frame Skin Material

Material Recommended for SignComp Non Illuminated Frame:


Roll Width Up to 5.1m
Base Fabric FrontLit Woven Fabric
Surface Matte
Tensile Strength 2200N/5cm / 2100N/5cm
Tear Strength 270N/5cm / 260N/5cm
Peeling Strength Can’t Peel

This product has been produced for digital inkjet printing, but customers must satisfy themselves that the product will perform to their requirements by testing prior to production run taking place.Specification details are offered in good faith but will not be accepted in matters of warranty

Skin SpecificationCut size = +76mmBleed size = +0mmVisual Size = -90mm