If an airport lacks a well-designed wayfinding signage system, it can lead to a multitude of potential problems and frustrations for travellers. Confusion, missed connections, finding a car park space, increased stress, overcrowding, and decreased customer satisfaction are just a few of the potential consequences. With hundreds of thousands of passengers each month, the UK’s Airports need a supplier that can provide a comprehensive solution.

The Challenge

Like any customer intense venue or environment such as conference centres or sports stadiums, airports should prioritise the implementation of comprehensive and well-designed wayfinding signage systems to ensure smooth and seamless navigation for all their travellers as well as staff More pressing concerns for Airports is how to find specifiers, manufacturers and installers for all the many styles and formats required for the multiple internal and external signage systems needed for any large scale project.

The Impact

Our holistic one stop shop perspective will always lead to more effective and cohesive results for an Airport. Our approach also provides cost savings with volume discounting and lower admin costs as opposed to working with multiple suppliers. A single source company simplifies project management by consolidating everything under one umbrella. This makes it easier to track progress, monitor timelines, and ensure that all solutions are integrated seamlessly. Proper cohesive signage will reduce crowded areas and bottlenecks. Airport staff don’t need to spend additional time from their duties to help confused passengers. A lot less stress which culminates in much happier frequent flyers.

The Solution

In a lot of circumstances, co-ordinating multiple outsourced companies to provide all the various solutions would be quite a logistical nightmare. That’s where we provide the greatest value to our customers, everything needed for largescale projects is all under one roof. For all the internal signs we utilise our internally illuminated NovaSlim product. For additional internal wayfinding signage required for advertising within an airport, including retail shops we suggest our NovaTex fabric based products which again comes with or without energy efficient LED illumination. Externally throughout any airport you can face different challenges such as the requirement for greater robustness the need for low maintenance and strength of manufacture to withstand the harshness of the seasonal elements like wind, hail and fluctuations in temperatures. Our range of Pole and Plank products, like the ‘Silver Zone’ parking image, were tailored for every location throughout this particular airport’s car parks and walkways. An airport’s altitude at 600ft for instance creates a lot of poor weather conditions so our flagship NovaFlex flexface signage system is a perfect choice for main branding and advertising signs throughout. The only full perimeter tensioned system on the market effortlessly supports signs over 4m in height with no movement from high winds and wrinkle free skins in all weathers.