The perfect showpiece of our innovation at Nova, NovaFlex is the only full perimeter tensioning, flexible-faced system on the market. Tensioned from the front, with up to 50mm of adjustment, NovaFlex is a robust system that guarantees wrinkle free skins every time.  NovaFlex has been used worldwide for boxes of all shapes and sizes, including in excess of 7m in height. The system incorporates three different robust support sections, each of which is determined depending on the height of the box required to eliminate any bowing of the structure when under maximum tension.  The high-performing nature of NovaFlex overcomes limitations that might be found in other systems. For example, as it is a full perimeter tensioning system, it is guaranteed to have no blowouts, making it perfect for windy locations. It is regularly used airside at airports around the UK and overseas.  Better still, this superior system is comparable in price to the alternatives on the market, meaning it should be top of your list for the value it provides. Our design team have made it both simple to fabricate and easy to install.

Features and application

Ideal for backlighting

At 200mm in depth, NovaFlex is ideal for backlighting with LEDs. The printed skin has welded or industrially stitched loops on all four edges enabling a rod to slide in and the tensioning bar slid over. Once the rods are in place, the skin is hooked into the box and tensioned around the perimeter using a power drill. This makes the fitting process much less labour intensive than other systems on the market.

We can provide the skin too, for your convenience

All boxes are supplied powder coated, fully fabricated and with LEDs installed if required. As we offer a one-stop-shop solution, we can also supply fully printed and laminated skins to save you time and ensure a perfect fit. For larger signs, we can deliver direct to site if required, meaning there is one less thing for you to worry about. Because it is such a superior system, NovaFlex is widely used in retail parks, car parks, shopping malls, industrial units and airports by customers wanting to benefit from its innovative design.

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Benefits and Options

Full perimeter tension

Rapid tensioning

No special tools required

Printed skins available

No blowouts - Guaranteed

LED backlighting available

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