Having already innovated many of the existing leading aluminium extrusion systems for glazing and signage, our team now turn their hand to the bespoke requirements of customers when research and development is required.

Overall value

By applying design thinking to larger projects we can often find ways to simplify the manufacturing process or installation. We may also be able to make products better suited to their application and environment, providing higher performance and longer lifespan. So while our work is high quality and premium it can actually unlock cost savings further along the process, delivering far reaching and long-term value.

Breaking new boundaries

But cost savings are by no means the only motivation for innovation. Customers come to us to overcome technical constraints which prohibit them achieving their goals with the existing products on the market. We can use our experience to find new ways of doing things or create brand new products to solve your problems.

Innovation in all sectors

As long as aluminium is involved, we can apply our expertise to any industry sector. So, before you commence your next large-scale project which includes aluminium extrusions; or if you have encountered a technical problem on a current project; start a conversation with us and explore the research and development possibilities.