Guide to Fabricating NovaFlex

  • Rivet the back section together (NOV 415) on each end. Place on bench and place supports in each section, the double supports go each end and a single level with each open end, and one centrally. Secure with 2 rivets / screws (ensure supports are square) then turn over and square again and place 2 rivets in back to secure.
  • Make up the vinyl bar (NOV 403), secure the ends with countersunk screws. Place on brackets and ensure the square ends line up exactly with the rear section (NOV 415) Fit with rivets once in place.
  • Fit cover plate (NOV 414) secure 100mm in from each end and corner. Also, secure at every bracket. Drill a 3.5mm hole on the v-groove in the sunken part of the section.
  • A sleeve section or plate should be fixed where open ends meet to ensure the front bar (NOV 403) line up exactly.
  • The back panel fits between the pips on the back section cut 59mm less that overall height and width of box. 0.6 – 0.9mm white one side recommended.

NovaFlex Support Chart

Box Width Number of Supports
Up to 1000mm 2
1000-2250mm 3
2250-3000mm 4
3000-3500mm 5
3500-4000mm 6

Use all single supports on boxes up to 1500mm in heightOn boxes 1500 – 2000mm use double support ends only On boxes 2000 – 4000mm use double support throughout box except at open endsOn boxes 4000mm and above use EXTRA WIDE supports at endsWHEN BOXES EXCEED 2200MM IN HEIGHT ENSURE LENGTH IS NO MORE THAN 2200MM

*The above has been issued purely as a guideline, and can differ for each individual project *

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