NovaSkin Fitting Advice

1. Assemble frame and secure through internal face on the die line. Fix at approx. 600mm centres (this may need to be more if fitted to cladding) 2. Using the small pieces of clip supplied, with a mallet first pin the skin along the top dotted line at approx. 600mm intervals to ensure skin is level - then repeat down the sides and along the bottom. 3. Then using the full length clip, fit along the top, inserting the outer leg of the tension strip first, removing the small pieces as you go.  Repeat the process on the ends and finally the bottom.  It is recommended the skin is slightly taught before hitting the clip in place. 4. Once all 4 sides are in place and the skin is wrinkle free, trim the excess around the perimeter with a sharp knife. 5. It is recommended that the plastic clip is secured with a security screw to prevent blow outs. 6. The system is not guaranteed for use with a fully printed skin due to the increased tolerances on the expansion rates.

NovaSkin Face Material

Material Recommended for NovaSkin:

Coated Frontlit B1 HF1010FL

Roll Width Up to 5.1m
Base Fabric FrontLit Woven Fabric
Surface Matte
Weight 450 g/m2
Tensile Strength  2200N/5cm / 2100N/5cm
Tear Strength 270N/5cm / 260N/5cm
Peeling Strength Can’t peel

This product has been produced for digital inkjet printing, but customers must satisfy themselves that the product will perform to their requirements by testing prior to production run taking place.Specification details are offered in good faith but will not be accepted in matters of warranty

Skin SpecificationCut size = +200mmBleed size = +200mmVisual Size = -40mm