Guide to Fabricating NovaSlim

  • Cut body and bead to required length, ensure the bead is placed in to the body section the right way round (either to take 3mm or 5mm) prior to cutting, a block may be required.
  • Cut required number of supports 13mm less than the height of the box.
  • Drill ends with jig and countersink to take a number 8 self- tapping screw.
  • Place one long length on bench with bead facing away from you, lift up on to its edge so the bead is on the bench and screw both ends in to position.
  • Turn long length back flat on the bench, so both ends are facing upwards.
  • Place supports evenly through the box, positioning the first and last one 150mm in from end, not exceeding 1000mm.
  • Fit reinforcing angles on all supports along the bottom (not required on first and last support)
  • Secure all supports and brackets with one rivet.
  • Place top on supports and screw to both ends.
  • Lay box face down on bench.
  • Square one end and the nearest support secure by drilling and securing with rivets top and bottom.
  • Continue to do the same to each support in turn until you reach the other end.
  • Once complete flip box over and fit reinforcing angles to the other side of the supports and secure with rivets.
  • Drill beads all round, come in approx. 35mm from all corners and then every support apart from the first and last.
  • The box is now ready for the back panel to be fitted
  • Backing sheet should be cut 30mm less than the height of the box.
  • For double sided boxes, the stand off bracket should be cut 75mm less than the height of the box.

*The above has been issued purely as a guideline, and can differ for each individual project *

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