Zillwoods is one of the oldest sign companies in the UK, having been established in 1887. Based in Southampton, they look after some of the most recognisable names on the high street as well as many other retail and commercial clients. Through industry connection, we have been a key partner to them since 2005.

Helping Zillwoods look after national brands

With so much at stake displaying leading retailers’ branding effectively, Zillwoods are happy to draw heavily on our manufacturing capabilities to get jobs done. Whether it is a full rebrand or simply replacement external signage, they know that we will produce excellent products on time and on budget.

Ultra-responsive for a great level of service

The trust that we’ve established has not just been built on regular orders though. Zillwoods know that they can rely on us when the going gets tough, too. For instance, we have taken telephone calls saying they need a sign box the next day, and we’ve been able to manufacture the product overnight and deliver it to London by 8am the following morning. Looking after so many large clients does not come without complexity, and even when there is adversity we are flexible and helpful to see things through to a resolution with a minimum of fuss.

Bespoke solutions to overcome technical challenges

From installation requirements, to functionality, to longevity in demanding environmental conditions, there is often more that goes into sign design and manufacture than first meets the eye. On several occasions over the years we have used our knowledge and experience to design bespoke signage for Zillwoods to meet the needs of their specific client projects. In one example, we devised a plastic extrusion that could be fitted to the outside of sign boxes so that a retailer could rebrand without having to replace their large estate of sign boxes. We are always happy to explore ways to rebrand which fit with a tight budget. One innovation we are particularly proud of is what is now our Nova Skin product. This non-illuminated flex frame was developed for a national retail project with Zillwoods. It went on to win the prestigious International Sign Association (ISA) product of the year in 2015. It has now become a standard part of our range for all our clients.

What they said...

“I have known Paul, the owner of Nova, for many years and put absolute faith in them to deal with all our outsourced signage manufacturing needs. Reliable, cost effective and innovative, they do a great job every time. I would not hesitate to recommend Nova Aluminium to any company interested in their services.” Barry Pearce, Managing Director - Zillwoods