A nationwide retailer was undertaking a 320-store rebrand which included extensive outdoor signage. With a complex supply chain fulfilling this demanding project, we played a key role between May 2021 and January 2022 supporting one of the appointed signage companies. We incorporated this huge order of external flexible face signage with internal illumination into our manufacturing process, meeting all the required deadlines.

The Challenge

This was a huge project with many complexities, not least its taking place when much of the economy was experiencing significant staffing problems due to COVID-19. Add to that the complex supply chain, inflated raw materials costs and the logistical challenges of completing something so large in such a short space of time. When the full extent of the challenge became apparent, Nova Aluminium were asked at short notice to get involved and manufacture what would amount to about 25% of the external signage. We quickly got to work to ascertain how this could be achieved.

The Solution

We adjusted our manufacturing process to accommodate the order without disrupting lead times for our other customers – no small feat. The total linear meterage of the external flexible face signage with internal illumination we fabricated and delivered was 4,155 metres. Our fleet took this to our client’s depot in the north of England over the course of just nine months.

The Impact

The retailer has enjoyed a successful rebrand delivered to a demanding schedule, despite the logistical challenges that such a project presents. The signage company we were working with in the supply chain benefitted significantly by putting their trust in a reliable and expert partner like us; one who could undertake such a complex task at short notice. From their perspective it seemed effortless, but this was down to a lot of hard work and expertise from us behind the scenes. As well as the positive outcomes for those on this project, we are very proud of our flexibility in being able to take it on without any service interruption to all the other clients we work for.

What they said...

“Everything was delivered to our retail client on time. This would not have been possible without Nova Aluminium’s expertise and service. They responded at short notice and delivered on everything they promised. In the event of another similar roll-out I wouldn’t hesitate in picking up the phone and calling them again.”